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A Tennis no Oujisama/Prince of Tennis Icontest

TenipuriCON ; A Prince of Tennis icontest
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Welcome to tenipuricon, an icontest geared towards the popular anime and manga series, Tennis no Oujisama / Prince of Tennis. Every week, a new challenge will be posted, and participants create icons according to the theme. Voting sessions will be held at the end of the week to vote for your favourite icons.

We're always looking for new members, so feel free to join and participate!

&; RULES   

1. Your icons must only contain official anime or manga images of Prince of Tennis. No Tenimyu & doujinshi/fanart submissions will be allowed.
2. Your icon must follow the LJ icon specifics: 100x100 pixels in dimension and 40kb or less, and in .jpg, .gif or .png format (monochroma: I honestly recommend .png for small graphics like icons :P).
3. You may submit up to two icons for each challenge, and only one icon per challenge type. (If you submit an icon to the word theme, you cannot submit anymore icons to the word theme. It must be for the image or lyrical theme) Yes, this is our way of becoming a prick in your butt by making things more challenging :D.
4. Icons must be made by you. Do not submit someone else's icon and stick your name on it, or you will be in SERIOUS trouble.
5. Icons submitted must be no more than 7 days old.
6. Icons must remain anonymous during the submission and voting period. Do not use this icon anywhere else, or it will be disqualified.
7. PLEASE submit your icons by commenting at the correct post. Any wrong submissions will be ignored, unless the moderator involved is bored and willing to move your icon submission for you.
8. You are allowed to cross-submit icons (Submit to another icontest), so long as the voting period of Friday to Sunday coincides. Please inform us first, and hopefully inform the other community as well. You could be disqualified here, if the other community lets us know that you haven't asked them first. I don't want to be involved in icon-politics, and neither do you.

Lastly, this is not really a rule, but:
If you'd like to use any of the icons featured here, please ask the creator permission first, and give credit.


NOTE: Before anyone starts asking why challenges run by me (monochroma) tend to end in the morning (Well, US times anyway), it's because of time difference problems for me). I do live in Asia, so it's a given that I could be half a day ahead of you. I'll try to make it so they end at reasonable dates in the States, at least. Therefore, times are not fixed, each moderator has his/her own preference! However, the days of the challenges should not change without warning, so don't worry too much. Please refer to individual challenges for deadlines.

For each challenge, we entertain 3 different themes.

General Theme:
A theme will be provided, either something broad like happiness or a single word like fighter, or a technical challenge such as textless icons or a given colour you must use. You will need to construct an icon that best represents that theme, through text, composition, image, colours etc.

Lyrical Theme:
The lyrics to a song will be posted. Use at least three legible consecutive words (Yes, 3 of them have to be readable, and not tiny text), and the lyrics are the only text allowed on the icon (I like to think even people using tiny text use lyrics...hey, it makes life easier instead of having to make up rubbish XD!)

Image Theme:
An image -- screencap, black and white or colored manga scan, official artwork -- will be provided for you. Color, brush, crop, and animate the icon however you want, but the only image used should be the one that has been provided provided.

Descriptions of themes borrowed & modified from bleach_icontest

We are open to theme, lyrics and image suggestions, so please do leave a comment if you have any.

Every week, on Friday, a new set of challenges will be given by the moderator that week. The submission period will end on the following Friday. All submission posts are titled Week #X - SUBMISSIONS. All submissions are screened for anonimity.

When submitting, please submit your icons in the following format:

Theme: General/Lyrical/Image

Atobe Keigo
Comments: (optional - credits, artist comments etc.)

Make sure you submit your icons to a host that allows direct linking, and do not delete it until the voting post is posted. However, livejournal paid/plus users may choose to use their livejournal scrapbook. Some recommended image hosts are Photobucket (registration required) and Image Shack.

&; VOTING   

Voting will be posted right before the new challenge every other week, and will run from Friday to Sunday. All votes are screened.

The voting system is as follows. Every week, you will have to vote for a First place, Second place and Third place.First place icons are allocated 3 points, Second place 2 points, and Third place 1 point. The icon with the most amount of points at the end of the week will win overall.

A Moderator's Choice award will be presented if there are at least 10 icons submitted that week. This is basically the moderator's pick of the challenge for icons which have not placed, but moderators believe deserve credit.

(To the mods: This works on a basis of, if you're running the week, you pick the icon, just to make it simple)

A Special Category vote will arise if there are at least 15 icons submitted that week. You may then nominate an icon of your choice for the vote, which will count for 1 special category point. There are several special categories which may appear:

Most Creative; The icon that shows the most originality from all the other icons, whether it be from text, composition, colours, cropping etc.

Best Interpretation; The icon which represents its chosen theme best, through text, composition, colours etc.

Most Emotional; The icon that depicts and invokes the strongest feelings from a viewer, whether it be happiness, sadness, anger, love etc.

Best Colour (Color, for you American pplz); The icon that stands out from the rest through its colour-scheme, and uses colour effectively. (This is not saying icons with a lack of colour don't stand a chance. The use of monotone/duotone could be conveyed as a best use of colour as well)

Best Typography; The icon which uses text most effectively in the composition of an icon (Basically, the prettiest looking text). This does not include the actual CONTENT of the text, just its aesthetic appeal.

We are always open to more suggestions, so feel free to suggest a special category!

1. You may vote for one of your own icon(s), and only one. You may not nominate it for a special category award. (Explanation at the bottom of this section)
2. Do not vote for the same icon twice.
3. Do not create fake accounts to vote for yourself. We already give you a chance of one vote to your own icons, so seriously, this really will not be tolerated.
4. Incomplete votes will be discredited, so please do vote for all places, and the special category, if there is one.

Please vote in one of the following formats:

1st: 1
2nd: 45
3rd: 29
Special: 5


1, 45, 29

Note from monochroma: Yes, you heard me right, I did say you can vote for your own icon. Honestly, we all need some ego-inflation sometimes, and sometimes, there isn't an icon worth putting in the votes in our opinion. So I'm giving you a free vote for one of your own icons, and no special category nominations. I like to think the special category award, as, well, special, and you shouldn't have a say over whether you get it or not :).

I won't look down on it, but I can't say others won't, so do it at your own risk, I suppose. Besides, it makes you a better person by putting other people's icons before you, even if you think the world of your own icons :).


monochroma, meggu_chan, asthma

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If you own an icontest (any anime/manga/gaming series) or a community related to Prince of Tennis, we are open for affiliation :)! Please leave a comment here, and I'll get back to you ASAP. Personal icon journals/communities will not be affiliated with, however, if it is a public icon/graphic posting community, we will consider it :).

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Refer to this post to ask any questions regarding tenipuricon, or to submit a suggestion.

- Created by monochroma in Photoshop CS 8.0.
- Textures from awmpdotnet, _sinelinea.
- Scan from Tenipuri-DSP.
- Smooth Sailing stylesheet from snubicons.

Triple theme concept inspired by bleach_icontest & dgray_awards.